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“A Modular and Scalable Smart Battery for Multiple Aerospace Platforms”

The Space Information Laboratories (SIL) Li-Ion Polymer (Li-P) Intelli-Pack® Battery (patent pending) is a modular and scalable avionics battery (4.2Vdc to 42Vdc, 1-50AH) that combines high energy density (200-250 Wh/Kg) with robust tolerance for the high shock and vibration requirements of missile, launch vehicle, and satellite applications. NASA and DoD are seeking a miniature, cost effective and highly reliable plug-and-play (PnP) technology that can be effectively implemented across multiple aerospace platforms.

SIL has developed a Li-P “Lego” style PnP Battery that is a vast improvement in volume and weight over existing aerospace battery technologies such as: Ni-Cadmium and Ni-Metal Hydride (1/3 as efficient, 60 Whrs/kg) and Silver Zinc (1/2 as efficient, 100 Whrs/kg) which are currently used on many DOD missiles, launch vehicles and satellite safety critical applications. The significant weight to performance capability of the Li-P Intelli-Pack® Battery is offered in an optimized battery package that takes advantage of the flexible form factor of the Li-Polymer battery pack and enables ease of fit and function.

The simplest option for full redundancy is to utilize an isolated additional battery pack connected in parallel to the primary pack with schottky diodes. In this backup configuration, a failure in any one cell will not lead to a catastrophic loss of power/functionality in the overall system. The reliability of SIL’s Li-P Intelli-Pack® two parallel, schottky diode isolate battery configuration is estimated at .999975. SIL’s Li-P Intelli-Pack® batteries contain protection electronics circuitry (over-voltage, under-voltage and shortcircuit), automatic cell balancing, and voltage monitoring of all cell voltages, battery pack temperatures, current and state of charge via multiple telemetry communication ports (RS-232, RS-422, USB, 1553B, etc.) via a Windows GUI.

The SIL Li-P Intelli-Pack® battery can be easily maintained, checked and conditioned by a NASA or DoD technician with basic electrical training prior to a mission. Most significantly, the battery system is modular and scalable to meet or exceed DOD and NASA battery requirements for multiple aerospace platforms (Rockets, Missiles, SmallSats, CubeSats, High Altitude Balloons, etc) and capable of withstanding space environmental qualification and acceptance testing with a much safer and reliable battery solution.


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