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Reduced SWAP-C Avionics Technology

Intelli-Avionics® is open, modular and stackable avionics technology for Launch Vehicles, Small Satellites and UAS/RPA. Intelli-Avionics® technology reduces the size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) by consolidating the number of black boxes into a single unit.

The Intelli-Avionics® allows multiple avionics requirements to be met in one unit including GPS receiver / IMU / INS, Signal Conditioning, Encoder, S-Band transmitter, D/A, A/D, I/O, etc.

  • GPS L1 or L1/L2 High Dynamic 216-Channel Receiver that tracks all in view
  • Si-MEMS IMU – High performance (Honeywell 1930AD)
  • PC104 Plus/Express Low -Power CPUs — 500Mhz to 2 Ghz SpeedVXWorks Operating System (DO-178B certified)
  • S-Band Downlink (2 or 5 Watts) across full 2200 to 2400 Mhz Bandwidth
  • PC-104 Plus / Express RS- 232/422/485 Com Ports, Ethernet, USB, LVDS, 1553BC
  • High Speed D/A and A/D converters
  • PC-104 Plus / Express MPEG Video card connected to external visible / IR camera
  • 50 Watt Military Rated DC-DC Converter and EMI Filter, +40Vdc to +14Vdc input and +5Vdc and +/- 12Vdc outputs to all stackable modules on raceway bus
  • Space Qualified heritage with different stackable modules to meet user requirements