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“High-Power Deployable Solar Panel Arrays for NanoSats and MicroSats”

The Space Information Laboratories (SIL) Automatic Deployable Solar Panel Array systems will enable more complex ORS, NASA and DOD Nano-Sat and Micro-Sat missions. The Automatic Deployment Solar Panel Array System can be optimized for polar, equatorial and other orbits to provide maximum on-orbit average power (OAP) with goal of 30 watts. Today, current Nano-Sat and Micro-Sat Solar Panel Array Systems and Energy Power Storage (EPS) systems are not adequate to support more complex missions and DOD’s goal to potentially to use these platforms for military purposes. The SIL Solar Panel Array consists of GaInP2/GaAs/Ge Solar Cells that are 28.3% efficient and are Space Qualified for LEO, HEO and GEO orbits. SIL’s solar panels discussed here have conductive and radiative pathways to dissipate heat away from the panels.

SIL is currently developing high-power automatic deployable CubeSat 3U solar panel arrays that enable the CubeSat 3U platform to be used for complex ORS, NASA and DOD missions. These missions are beyond College and University profiles that typically have limited payload sensor data collection and telemetry bandwidth for downlink. On-Orbit Average Power of 15-25 Watts will enable the CubeSat 3U footprint to support more complex DOD and NASA missions. Most significantly, SIL’s Automatic Deployable Solar Panel Array System will be capable of directly charging a Lithium Ion or Lithium Ion Polymer battery (12.6Vdc) with minimal power loss and withstand rigorous space environment qualification testing.


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