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Space Information Laboratories is committed to developing innovative, affordable and high performance products for the aerospace and defense industries.  SIL’s patented technologies greatly reduce size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) and improve safety, operability, and sustainability for aerospace vehicles and ranges.

Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® Battery

Dependable, high energy density and rapidly rechargeable battery technology for Launch Vehicles, Small Satellites and UAS/RPA.

Space Based Range

GEO TDRSS SMAR 30W TX and LEO GlobalStar transceivers transmit real-time telemetry data from launch vehicles and small satellites.

Vehicle Based Independent Tracking System

VBITS GPS Tracking and Autonomous Flight Termination Systems (AFTS) reduce mission cost by eliminating range ground instrumentation.


Chameleon small satellites are engineered to the highest standards for command, data handling, telemetry, tracking and control for advanced DOD and NASA missions.


Open, modular & stackable avionics technology to reduce cost by consolidating the number of black boxes into a single unit for Launch Vehicles, Small Satellites and UAS/RPA.