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Posted: November 5, 2018

USAF selects SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® Battery Technology for SBIR Phase II Enhancement for USAF JASSM and ICBM missiles 

SANTA MARIA, CA –  Space Information Laboratories (SIL) (http://www.spaceinformationlabs.com/ ), is a leading provider of high-end Li-Ion Batteries, GPS metric tracking and AFTS, avionics, and small satellites for DOD and commercial programs of national significance.  USAF SBIR Phase II Enhancement award for JASSM and ICBM missiles will allow SIL to develop FTS and Telemetry Li-Ion batteries with reduced size and weight compared to Silver Zinc, Ni-Cad and thermal batteries currently flown on DOD launch vehicles, missiles and strike weapons.  SIL was first to successfully Range Safety Space Qualify Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® battery technology for launch vehicle and missiles, and the technology has flown successfully on Lockheed Martin MDA missile and reentry vehicle missions (12 for 12 for mission success) since 2013. 

“SIL’s Li-Polymer Intelli-Pack® battery with advanced BMS (USPTO patent # 9,748,541B2) provides significantly higher safety, energy density (200 Wh/Kg), reliability (.9997), discharge current (10C to 30C), and rapid rechargeability (< 1/2 hour at 2C charge rate) for launch vehicles, missiles, strike weapons and hypersonic vehicles with significant size and weight reduction compared to Silver Zinc and Ni-Cad Battery technologies.”

The design, manufacturing and flight unit acceptance testing is performed on site at Space Information Laboratories, Santa Maria, CA.  “We are extremely proud to work with the USAF to provide safe and high reliability Li-Ion Batteries for JASSM and ICBM missile platforms to support our troops.  SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® battery will save significant space and weight thus enabling more capability for the payload to enhance the DOD launch vehicle, missile, strike weapon, reentry and hypersonic vehicle missions,” said Edmund Burke, SIL CEO.

About Space Information Laboratories

Headquartered in Santa Maria, CA near Vandenberg AFB, SIL is a world-class small business supplier of innovative products and engineering solutions for mission-critical programs for the USAF, MDA, NAVAIR, Aerospace Industry, and other U. S. Government Agencies.  SIL’s expertise includes development and production of Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® batteries, Intelli-Avionics®, AFTS and GPS Tracking, and High Data Rate BLOS SatCom flight units for launch vehicles and missiles.  SIL is AS9100D certified to design, manufacture and test flight units.  More information about SIL can be found at www.spaceinformationlabs.com


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