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Posted: August 10, 2013

Space Information Laboratories (SIL) was awarded a contract (LVP-10-937) by Lockheed Martin, Huntsville to provide 33.6Vdc@20AH Li-Ion Polymer (Li-P) Intelli-Pack® Battery technology for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Missile Defense Agency eMRBM missile.

SIL’s (Li-P) Intelli-Pack® game changing smart battery technology will provide significantly more energy dense (200Wh/Kg) and higher reliable battery technology for MDA missiles that will greatly reduce weight by 1/3 compared to Ni-Cad and Silver Zinc battery technologies used today.

The work will be primarily performed on site at Space Information Laboratories in Santa Maria, CA near Vandenberg Air Force Base. The contract is a competitive award for space qualification and battery production worth $3M. Lockheed Martin approved SIL as a supplier after thorough review of SIL’s AS9100C Quality Management System.

We are extremely proud to play a significant role as a team member with Lockheed Martin, Huntsville to enhance MDA’s BMDS with the new Li-Polymer battery technology,” said Edmund Burke, SIL CEO.