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Posted: December 19, 2019

18 December 2019,  Nanoracks selects Space Information Laboratories (SIL), Santa Maria, CA, Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack battery and Power Distribution Unit (PDU) technology for their Outpost technology demonstration mission  (http://nanoracks.com/products/outpost-program/) scheduled to be launched on a dedicated SpaceX rideshare mission in late 2020 (http://nanoracks.com/rideshare-habitat-building-demonstration/).  SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® Battery and PDU technology will power the Spacecraft and Maxar metal cutting tool to help demonstrate a future capability of rocket upper stage modification to serve as commercial space stations. SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® Battery and PDU technology will provide high voltage (180Vdc) and current to power Maxar metal cutting tool and Spacecraft regulated voltages to critical subsystems.  SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer 33.6Vdc @ 52 Amp-Hours game changing battery technology will provide over 100 Amps of continuous current in a greatly reduced size (14” L x 7” W x 4.5” H) and weight (23 lbs).  A Spec Sheet for this technology can be downloaded at SIL website at https://www.spaceinformationlabs.com/products/intelli-pack-battery-technology/

“SIL is extremely proud that Nanoracks selected our Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® Battery and PDU technology to power the high power metal cutting payload without debris for Nanoracks first in-space Outpost technology demonstration mission, to launch on a SpaceX rocket. We are thrilled to help enable critical technologies to commercialize Space” stated Edmund Burke, SIL CEO.

“Nanoracks is very excited to  leverage SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer Polymer Intelli-Pack® battery and Power Distribution System technology to help enable this historic mission,” says Nanoracks Outpost Project Manager Nate Bishop. “Nanoracks is seeking to build an in-space ecosystem, and that starts with finding great commercial partners to work with along the way.”

About Space Information Laboratories

Headquartered in Santa Maria, CA near Vandenberg AFB, SIL is a world-class small business supplier of innovative avionics and power system technologies and solutions for mission-critical programs for the MDA, NAVAIR, USAF, DARPA, NASA, Aerospace Industry, and other US Government Agencies.  SIL’s expertise includes development and production of Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® batteries, Intelli-Avionics®, VBITS GPS Tracking and Autonomous Flight Termination System, Space Based Range and Chameleon 12U to 27U Flexible Bus product lines. SIL is AS9100D Quality Management System certified to design, manufacture and test flight units.  More information about SIL can be found at www.spaceinformationlabs.com


 Space Information Laboratories – Edmund Burke

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