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Posted: September 16, 2019

16 September 2019, SANTA MARIA, CA – Space Information Laboratories (SIL)
( http://www.spaceinformationlabs.com/ ), is a leading provider of high-end Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-
Pack® Batteries, VBITS GPS Tracking and Autonomous Flight Termination Systems (AFTS),
Intelli-Avionics® and Satellite Ka/Ku-Band Communication products for DOD programs of
national significance. SIL’s Vehicle Based Independent Tracking System (VBITS) was first
developed for MDA missiles (2006-2008) and ULA’s Atlas and Delta Rockets (2008-2012) for
GPS Tracking, and has successfully flown many times without loss of GPS receiver lock and this
heritage is being leveraged. SIL’s VBITS AFTS USPTO Patent #5,739,787 (issued 14 April 1998)
was first IP to eliminate the need for ground range instrumentation (Radar & Flight Termination
Systems) to track and destroy a rocket, and thus reduce launch cost. MDA and USAF are jointly
funding SIL to complete development and environmentally qualify VBITS AFTS for missiles,
hypersonic vehicles and reentry vehicles to support the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS).
“SIL’s VBITS AFTS technology will enable MDA to support target missiles, hypersonic
missiles and reentry vehicles, and reduce DOD ground range instrumentation assets required
for test missions, and save significant test and evaluation cost. SIL’s developing a VBITS
AFTU with internal GPS L1/L2 Receivers, IMU, and high reliability electronics in reduced
SWAP that meets RCC 319 and MDA PMAP REVB requirements.”
The design, manufacturing and environmental qualification is performed at Space Information
Labs facility in Santa Maria, CA. The MDA contract # HQ014717C7439 with $4M value will
allow SIL to complete development and environmental qualify a VBITS AFTS to support MDA
upcoming missions of national significance, and allow other commercial small launch vehicle
companies thru a FAA Safety approval to use the technology once fully Range Safety Space
Qualified and flight tested with our MDA customer. “We are extremely proud to work with the
Missile Defense Agency to support their mission” stated Edmund Burke, SIL CEO.”

About Space Information Laboratories
Headquartered in Santa Maria, CA near Vandenberg AFB, SIL is a world-class small business
supplier of innovative technologies and solutions for mission-critical programs for the MDA,
NAVAIR, USAF, DARPA, Aerospace Industry, and other U. S. Government Agencies. SIL’s
expertise includes development and production of Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® batteries, Intelli-
Avionics®, VBITS GPS Tracking and Autonomous Flight Termination System, and GEO/LEO
SatCom Ka/Ku-Band systems for aerospace vehicles. SIL is AS9100D Quality Management
System certified to design, manufacture and test flight units. More information about SIL can be
found at www.spaceinformationlabs.com

Space Information Laboratories
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