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Posted: September 10, 2013

SIL’s Li-Ion Polymer (Li-P) Intelli-Pack® Battery game changing technology was Space Qualified and flew successfully on a Lockheed Martin eMRBM missile supporting MDA mission FTO-01 on September 10, 2013

SIL successfully space qualified Li-P Intelli-Pack® battery technology and recently flew it on Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) Extended Medium Range Ballistic Missile (eMRBM) to support the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) FTO-01 mission on September 10, 2013. SIL appreciates LMSSC’s and MDA’s dedicated management and technical support to reach this significant milestone as a small business.

SIL’s Li-I P Intelli-Pack® smart battery technology provides significantly higher energy density (200Wh/Kg), reliability and operational capability for rockets and missiles, and greatly reduces weight by 1/3 compared to Ni-Cad and Silver Zinc battery technologies. The design, manufacturing and space qualification is performed on site at SIL’s office in Santa Maria, CA.

The LMSSC contract was a competitive award for design, Space qualification and flight units worth $5M. “We are extremely proud to be the first company to Space Qualify Li-Ion Polymer battery technology and fly it successfully on the LMSSC eMRBM missile for the Aerospace industry. The common battery saved over 150 lbs for Lockheed Martin’s eMRBM missile to enhance MDA’s BMDS mission,” said Edmund Burke, SIL President.