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SIL was awarded a contract for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Airborne Launch Assist Space Access (ALASA) Phase I in March 2012 to develop GPS Tracking, Autonomous Flight Termination System (AFTS), and space based range technologies.

The DARPA ALASA program’s goal is to develop an affordable, responsive, flexible, and resilient approach for launching small satellites routinely. SIL’s Vehicle Based Independent Tracking System (VBITS) patented technology supported DARPA’s ALASA goal to launch a 100 pound satellite into low Earth orbit (LEO) for less than $1 million total cost per launch. This goal is at least a threefold reduction in costs compared to current military and US commercial launch costs.

Furthermore, DARPA ALASA seeks to develop radical advances in launch systems, including the development of a small satellite requiring no recurring maintenance, support, or specific integration to prepare for launch.